How to Navigate the Website

How to Navigate the Website

Website Menu Topics

All of our website menus are clickable and expandable!

On a computer, simply click on a menu title to open that page, or hover your mouse over the menu title to see the subpages under that topic! Each menu item may expand up to 4 times to include more subpages.

For example, in the top menu, click on the menu item “Natural Diet” – this will take you to a page with a brief overview of raw diet benefits. Next, hover over the “Natural Diet” menu item – you will then see the expanded menu of topics covered about diet. Hover your mouse over “Raw Diet – The MEAT of the Site” to see topics on feeding raw diet. Then hover your mouse over “Variety” to see the subpage “Importance of Variety.” Any of these expanded menu items may be clicked to bring you to that page. There are many topics and pages to explore!

On a mobile device, click on “Menu” and swipe down/scroll down to see the entire list of menu and sub-menu topics. Every menu and sub-menu is clickable and will bring you to the page on that topic.

Clickable Text/Links

Almost every page on this site includes clickable text to link you to more information. This is to make it convenient for you to learn more about a topic, navigate between different areas of the website, and be linked directly to outside sources or recommended products! If a word or line within a paragraph (e.g. not a subject title) appears as green, underlined font, that means it is clickable text that will link you to another page with more information on that subject.

For example: In this sentence, the words Frankenprey and Adrenal Disease are clickable text that will link you to pages with information on those topics.

Some headers also include links – these will appear as brown, underlined text.

Search Function

Looking for something specific and unsure of where to find it on the website? Never fear – the Search Function is here!

From your computer,  just type in the topic or phrase you are looking for in the Search Bar on the top right corner of the website screen, then hit “Enter” on your keyboard to search.

From your mobile device simple scroll down to the bottom of the webpage (below the page text, but before the bottom-of-page menu) to find the green Search Bar and type in the topic or phrase you are looking for and hit “Go.”