Balancing Frankenprey with Alternative Meals

Balancing Frankenprey with Alternative Meals

Author: Celene Hoag

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So I know many of you have been wondering how to balance the Frankenprey Diet with other alternative meal types… Well, wonder no longer! We have come up with a simple to use guide on balancing Frankenprey meals depending on how many meals per week you are feeding of alternatives.

For the purpose of this document an “alternative meal” is any of the following:

  1. Whole Prey
  2. Complete / balanced raw soup (see our recipe in the files or the forum)
  3. Complete / balanced commercial frozen raw (containing bone, meat, organs & heart)
  4. Complete / balanced freeze dried raw (containing bone, meat, organs & heart)

*Organ meals should be half liver and half other secreting organ as per the Frankenprey Menu.  

**Assuming 2 meals a day as per the Frankenprey Menu.

NOTE: If you are only feeding a SINGLE protein type of alternative meal (only mice, only chicken commercial raw, only rabbit freeze dried raw, etc), do NOT go past 5 alternative meals in order to maintain the minimum of 3-4 protein types in their diet.

  • For half organ meals (because it’s awkward to feed just half a meal) I usually make a single meal of 50% heart and 50% organs.
  • As per the Frankenprey Menu, the number of bone in meals required for each ferret varies by individual dietary requirements. The general rule of thumb is soft / liquid poops => need more bone; hard poops => need less bone.
  • If you aren’t sure what is considered a bone-in meat or what is considered a secreting organ, our original Frankenprey Menu (with descriptions) can be found here.