Holistic Ferret Forum Mentoring Program

Exciting things are afoot for the HFF Mentorship program. We are COMPLETELY revamping the program for increased consistency, lower wait times, and more comprehensive knowledge by the time you graduate!

The way the new mentoring program will work:

Step 1: Sign up for the website here OR you can use your Facebook login to log in to the HFF site here

Having trouble? See our how-to here

Step 2: Enroll in our Switch Starter class. It’s a few short lessons and a brief quiz that will only take about 20 minutes to complete. It will give you an overview of the process so you can gather your supplies and sources, as well as understanding the process so you know what you are working toward.

Once you’ve completed the Switch Starter Class…

Step 4: …You will be added to a Mentoring Group. Your group will be matched with several mentors, so that answers won’t take too long. Your fellow students will be your cheerleaders and we expect you to return the favor. Keep all interactions positive. We want everyone to have FUN while they are learning! Your mentors will assign lessons and homework as you progress.

Link to the Groups: Note that you will only be able to access groups to which you have been assigned

https://holisticferret.com/groups/ (testing this preferred method)


Step 5: There are expectations of consistent participation by each student. Your mentors will ask for regular updates, photographs, menus, weights, etc.

Step 6: Graduation! Once your business is entirely eating a balanced raw diet, you will need to complete the test and submit a weekly menu of what you are feeding. If everything checks out, you will be graduated from the program!