Blockage Protocol

Blockage Protocol

Author: Heather Downie (edited by Katt Crouch)

If you suspect your ferret has eaten something they shouldn’t, do not “wait and see”. Immediately start this process to push through whatever the problem may be. Pumpkin and Vaseline should only be used in emergencies due to the carbohydrate content of pumpkin, and potential nutrient absorption issues with overuse of Vaseline (click green links to learn more). However, better a few days of a possible upset tummy than the alternative.

The Blockage protocol is:

   – 1 tbsp 100% pure canned pumpkin

 – Followed one hour later by 1 tsp Vaseline (100% Petroleum Jelly)

Bubby willing eating the vaseline mixed with a bit of salmon oil. Photo: Shawnda

Alternate these both hourly until the ferret has nice big gloopy orange poops (should take 2-3 hours).

This should only take about 4 hrs. If at any point during this protocol the ferret begins vomiting, or crashes, stop immediately and call the vet while you are on your way there. It has now become a total blockage and the ONLY thing that might help it pass is a barium xray. If the barium doesn’t push the obstruction through then immediate surgery is essential or the ferret WILL die.

If the ferret does pass the object, follow up by 1 tsp of pumpkin daily for 3-4 days to be certain everything has gone through.