Foraging Toys

Foraging Toys

Foraging Toys are a great way to keep your ferrets occupied when you are busy or traveling, as well as providing great mental stimulation!

Barrel of Fun

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Barrel of Fun – very popular and a good easy/starter toy, unfortnately it may be discontinued soon

– Another version on Amazon (be sure to remove the leather straps!): Barrel of Fun




Nature’s Instinct Snack Rack – a VERY Popular one! Can be set at easy to intermediate difficulty levels.

Cow loves her Snack Rack Foraging Toy!
Photo Credit: Aftershock


Puzzle Toys

Foraging Carousel

Foraging 4-Boxes 

Ring of Fortune (difficult – Adjustable)

Foraging Wheel (difficult)


You can even make your OWN Foraging toys!

Check out the Forum Thread for more ideas on Homemade Foraging Toys

Homemade Foraging toy with Pork Hooves (easy):

Foraging Toy
Foraging Toy
Foraging Toy
Foraging Toy


Egg Carton Foraging Toy (easy):

Egg cartons can make cheap, easy foraging toys.
Egg carton foraging toy filled with pieces of Freeze Dried Lung.