Sew Your Own Ferret Bedding

Bedding Plan For Ferret Nation 142/182 and Critter Nation ?/162*

I begin with 3 yards of polar fleece.  I prefer the anti-pill variety, but the standard type will work as well.  Polar type fleeces usually come in 58-60″ widths.

Pillowcase Version: Sew right sides (the patterned or “finished” side that you want the ferret to sleep on) together, leaving the “selvedge” edge open. The Selvedge is the sides of the fabric as it comes off the bolt and is non-fraying (although technically, ALL polar fleece is non-fraying). The fastener at the end is a matter of choice. Some use velcro. I choose to tuck the bottom inside and fold the top part over, as my boys do not “tunnel” inside the tray covers.

Tray Topper Version: You can also sew the right sides together with a smaller opening left. You reach into the opening and pull out the fabric and either hand or machine stitch it closed. For durability, I would recommend stitching around the perimeter once more after it is turned. (about 1/4” from the edge). You can sew button holes on each corner and use shower hooks to attach the covers to the cage. If you’ve got a bit more experience, you can sew loops pointing inward as you sew the initial seams. When you turn the piece right side out, the loops will be on the outside and ready for hooks.

Shelves: I have the newer style of FN shelves. I prefer the pillowcase style of covers on the shelves as well.  Many prefer to sew double-layer fleece “pads” for their shelves.  These covers may have triangular corners on the two front corners to help hold the pads onto the shelf.  Many also have elastic to hold the pads on at the rear of the shelf.

*These directions have been created with the Ferret Nation/Critter Nation cages in mind, however, they can be adapted to fit other cages by changing the dimensions of the pieces.

bed tutorial

Close-able pocket hammock


no-sew fun! It even has a Hanging Cube!

Bed with roof (tent)

Fleece Pom-Pom Ball

Easy-to-sew tunnel


Small pet Coat Pattern

Pet Basket

Harness Vest

Farmhouse Style Pet Pillow–make-a-diy-dog-bed

Worth a look

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