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Mocha shares tasty tales with Nova.
Photo Credit: Celene Hoag

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Heather’s Turkey Tale

The B&E Twins, Bacchus and Enigma. Credit: Heather Downie

The brothers were notorious. Their names, Bacchus (v-hob) and Enigma (brother)….but the nickname B&E twins came out of their habit of being able to figure out any cupboard, shelf or drawer and child proof locks became a way of life, but sometimes they managed figure those out too…..hence the (B)reak & (E)nter twins.

One afternoon I heard them playing in the office (the extra fridge was located there at the time). They were slamming the cupboards, locking each other in them and generally making a lot of noise but knowing their limits I was letting them blow off steam while I got Thanksgiving dinner ready. At some time I noticed that things had got very quiet. Not a good thing with the boys but they’d been going at it hard and long so maybe they’d fallen asleep….or maybe not. I heard a loud crack and then a scuffling sound….then a scraping sound…silence…dooking and more scraping. Time to check.

I walked into the office to find the fridge door open and the turkey that was thawing in the fridge..gone!! I dashed down the hallway in time to see the wayward bird disappear under the bed. Yes, the brats had stolen the whole damn bird. No, it wasn’t huge but still at least a 12 to 15 lbs bird.

Other than some tooth marks on the wings and legs there was no damage on the bird and it was even still on the plate. Removed the ferrets, told them they were little shites and took the bird to the kitchen washed it and tossed it into the oven.