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Ferrets can be amazing pets

Ferrets are wonderful pets that will provide you with endless hours of love and entertainment. However, it takes a lot of work, time, money and above all dedication to own a ferret – they are not the perfect pet for everyone. We strongly encourage doing your research before purchasing any pet, and hope that you can find the answers to all of your questions here at Holistic Ferret Forum. We believe in balancing Nature and Nurture by providing safe and enriching environments, proper health care, and a natural diet that will maximize your ferret’s health and lifespan.

Be sure to stop by the forum or our Facebook Group and say hello! We have a strong, friendly community and all newcomers are welcome. In the forum we will answer your questions, laugh at your ferrety stories, help you through the many obstacles of being a “ferrent,” and guide you towards providing the healthiest diet and best care possible for your pets.

What is the Holistic Ferret Forum?

We are all a group of ferret and animal lovers who have decided to come together to create a great community. We support one another where and how we can. If you have questions, we (hopefully) have some answers. You will never be ignored here.

While we are primarily a raw/whole prey feeding forum, we do try to make all feel welcome here, as we all only want what is best for our fur/feather/scale kids. This encompasses all types of feeding, including live. If you choose to start your own feeding colonies, there are members on board who can help guide you in that. If you only wish to feed pre-killed whole prey, raw, commercial raw, or your own premix, someone can help you choose out the best places from which to order your food.

If you want to start feeding your ferret a balance raw diet, we recommend that you start on our newbie page. Or try our Switch Starter Lesson

If you do feel you have to feed kibble, we’ve also got a link to some of the better ones out there. While feeding kibble is discouraged where possible, you will not be made to feel judged, or unwelcome. We simply hope that after reading all the info, you will come to your own conclusions about diet. Never let someone else tell you what to think. Do your research, and make your own decisions.

We believe in holistic care where possible, and medical intervention where necessary. There are a number of recipes and tips on the site for a variety of problems, from flea infestations to IBD to supplements.

We believe in having fun while talking about ferrets, sharing stories about our ferrets, great photos, commiserating about what they’ve gotten up to, and grieving together when one of us loses one of these little angels.

We will be honest with you. No one will sugar-coat what being owned by ferrets is like. The same when medical intervention is deemed necessary. While we do try not to be blunt, if this board cannot help with advice any longer, you will be told to get your ferret to a vet asap.

Most of all- we are all of one mind in wanting our ferrets to be the best they can be, and live a happy, healthy life. After all, isn’t that the goal for all of us?

 – HFF Mission Statement

Welcome to your journey to a healthier, Holistic Ferret.

Photo Credit: Katt Crouch Ferrets: Kenai (left) and Koda (right)
Photo Credit: Katt Ferrets: Kenai (left) and Koda (right)